Since most of the cycling kits are awful, some of them were particularly atrocious. Here are the top ten twelve worst cycling jerseys from the pro peleton over the years.

In reverse order:

#10 High Road 2008

With its weird, childish font and colors, my 10th place prize goes to High Road 2008 jersey. +Bonus points for André Greipel’s helmet 🙂

High Road 2008
High Road 2008

#9 CSF Group-Navigare 2008

Colors, fonts, design… Awful, awful, awful… CSF Group-Navigare’s 2008 kit takes 9th place. Their Colnago’s are cool, though.

CSF Group-Navigare
#9 CSF Group-Navigare

#8 Fuji-Servetto 2009

With world’s worst blue tones and again awful fonts, my 8th prize goes to Fuji-Servetto 2009 team kit. And please, do NOT wear running shoes with cycling kits…

Fuji Servetto 2009
#8 Fuji Servetto 2009

#7 Amore&Vita 2011

The Amore&Vita 2011 team jersey looks like 1990’s web site designs to me. What do you think?

Amore&Vita 2011
#7 Amore&Vita 2011

#6 Tonton-Tapis 1991

Bwahaha! Look at the handsome guy who carrying a carpet… Is that a rug on his head, made by same material with the carpet?

Tonton-Tapis 1991
#6 Tonton-Tapis 1991

#5 Z-Tomasso 1990

It looks like something a schoolchild would have worn to a teen disco at 1980’s. And it won Tour de France with legendary Greg LeMond!

Z-Tomasso 1990
#5 Z-Tomasso 1990

#4 Castorama 1991

Look at Bjarne Riis! World’s fastest house painter ever! And awesome helmets of early 1990’s…

Castorama Cycling Team 1991
#4 Castorama Cycling Team 1991, Bjarne Riis

#3 BigMat ?

I couldn’t find from what year is it… But doesn’t it deserve the 3rd place?

BigMat ?
#3 BigMat ?

#2 Castorama 1994

Only Castorama could do better than Castorama. They did a great job in 1994, again.

Castorama Cycling Team 1994
#2 Castorama Cycling Team 1994

And, oscar goes to…

#1 Footon-Servetto 2010

Oh.. my… eyes… Without any shadow of doubt, the Footon-Servetto 2010 kit was the worst, I mean WORST cycling kit ever. Look at this!

Update: The nightmare is back!

Footon-Servetto 2010
#1 Footon-Servetto 2010
Footon-Servetto 2010

Oh… 2013’s last day surprise.

UPDATE 2013-12/31 #0 Team Sky 2014

Have you seen THIS? o.O

Chris Froome 2014 Team Sky kit
Chris Froome 2014 Team Sky kit

UPDATE 2014-09-17: Colombian Women’s Cycling Team 2014 #-1

Well… I think you know the jersey – I am displaying it here cropped, because I don’t want to search engines or advertisers give me penalty.

Colombian Women's cycling team
Colombian Women’s cycling team. You can read more about it here

In fact… It’s OK to me. Women have their right to wear whatever they want. There’s no need to shame women’s bodies. I think people are overreacting the kit. I heard that one of the women on the team designed it.

I am including the kit to this list just because to express my opinions about it.

UCI head Brian Cookson tweeted about the kit and said “To the many who have raised the issue of a certain women’s team kit, we are on the case. It is unacceptable by any standard of decency.”, but I totally agree with the Guardian article – The UCI have better things to worry about than ‘unacceptable’ cycling kits.

Update: A Colombian women’s cycling team defend their choice of uniform

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