Servetto-Footon Women’s Cycling Team presented

Another Women’s cycling team is presented: Servetto-Footon. The Italian based team is a four-year project, means the sponsorship will continue until the end of 2016.

The team contains ten athletes total. The athletes are: Alessia Aimone Secat, Simona Bortolotti, Veronica Cornolti, Corinna Defile, Isabella Ferrari, Marina Lari, Marta Manitto, Giorgia Nanni, Maria Cristina Nisi and Roberta Tasca.

Servetto-Footon Women's Cycling Team
Servetto-Footon Women’s Cycling Team

I have to say a word or two about the jersey design. I really like Italian style and design, but not this time. Couldn’t you change the old, ugly Footon-Servetto jerseys? Their kit has already been awarded as the worst cycling kit in history (well, not officially, just in my opinion).

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