David Millar, 36-year-old Scottish rider of Team Garmin-Sharp gave some quick tips about how to watch a cycling race live without putting in danger both the riders and themselves. He tweeted four tips in his twitter account, @millarmind. He said to the cycling fans that “I’ll be standing there with you soon”.

Tour de France 2015, fans
Millas has 4 tips of watching a race for the cycling fans.

“The race director of the TdF asked me to use my ‘tweeter’ to offer safety guidance for the brilliant public on the road. I have 4 tips.”

  1. Do not stand on the road, it may seem unimaginable in the hours of waiting preceding the race, but when we do arrive we use ALL of it!
  2. Remove children/pets/chairs from road when stepping back to avoid us, they more often than not end up being forgotten in the panic.
  3. Bike riders appear further away through a camera lense/phone/ipad than they actually are, take a long shot, not a close-up!
  4. Cheer for me! We hear everything when passing and, most importantly, enjoy the spectacle, I’ll be standing there with you soon.

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