Lotto Belisol’s Australian Adam Hansen produces his own carbon cycling shoes by himself. They are so lightweight (the claiming weight is 95 grams for one shoe!). They also look sleek and simple with neither laces nor buckles. But then, how he keeps his shoes tight? Hansen gave the answer via Twitter with a photo.

Adam Hansen shoes with no laces
Question: How do you keep your shoes tight with no laces
or buckles? Adam Hansen: Thats how @hanseeno shoes!! I had cold weather shoes covers, socks over, wrapped in Glad Wrap to mid calf and then rain shoe covers on top.

You can also buy some handmade shoes made by Adam Hansen himself via (if you’re lucky and rich enough) The currently listing product (see the photo below) is sold out, though (price label is $2000). The product description is:

“They are the lightest shoes in the Pro Peloton by more than 50%. The price reflects the 42+ hours that go into making a single pair and the 8 molds that are required. They are not cheap by any means but you do get a shoe under 95 grams, hence the name U95. (4-8 week delivery time)”

Adam Hansen shoes with no laces
Adam Hansen shoes with no laces – claimed weight for one shoe is 95 grams!
M. Özgür Nevres

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