Granfondo Stelvio Santini turns 10 in 2022, and entries open today, Wednesday, December 1st.

The Granfondo Stelvio Santini turns 10 in 2022 is ready to celebrate this milestone birthday with the growing numbers of fans from Italy and further afield that return, again and again, each year to tackle the great Stelvio challenge.

Entries around for the 2022 edition which takes place on Sunday, June 12th, open on Wednesday, 1st December on the race’s official website, so snap up your bib then!

Two types of entry, two different race packs

When participants sign up for entry, they can choose between a basic entry, which includes a bib and official jersey for 90 euro, or a pack comprising a bib, official jersey, and coordinating bib shorts for 120 euro – both, of course, available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

The Santini kit dedicated to the Granfondo Stelvio Santini

Aside from the official jersey which must be worn throughout the race – and the abovementioned coordinating shorts – Santini is also planning a series of other apparel and accessories dedicated to the Valtellina event: shorts, gloves, vest, and cotton t-shirts will also be available to purchase in advance from the site and will be delivered directly to your home. This will ensure that competitors have a complete race kit to pack for the Granfondo. All will also be available from the Santini stand in the Race Village from June 10th to 12th, to allow anyone that needs to change sizes to do so.

New twist to the Long Route – new attack route for the Mortirolo!

To celebrate the 10th edition, there will be a special modification to the routes. The organizing committee has also introduced a major modification to the Long Route for 2022 with a new start for the Mortirolo Pass-bound competitors.

“To celebrate our 10th edition, we’ve introduced a change to the Long Route to give first-timers, in particular, a brand-new climb to the Mortirolo Pass with the start now moved to the village of Sernio – declared Mario Zangrando, Cycling Sector President of the Unione Sportiva Bormiese – This is a fascinating climb because it can be divided into two parts: an attack with a sharp uphill with tough but not impossible gradients, followed by a second section that will reward participants with an extraordinary vista”.

So now let’s take a closer look at that new addition: once competitors have left the village of Sernio behind them, they face into a long series of hairpins with gradient peaks of 17%. This takes them through chestnut and fir forests to an altitude of 1, 852 meters where they meet the junction with the road from Lake Guspessa that separates Valtellina to the north from Camonica to the south.

Having covered 12.8km, they now have the first part of the climb behind them and begin the second half of the route with 10 or so easy and enjoyable kilometers along with one of the most spectacularly panoramic roads in Upper Lombardy.

“It’s a route with unique views ranging all the way from the Bernina glacier to the peaks of the Orobie and views of the Adamello Group,” stresses Zangrando. “In the background, they will also see the peaks of Mount Reit which they will round to climb the coveted Stelvio Pass and the traditional finish-line“. From the Mortirolo Pass, the pack will descend towards Grosio and the usual valley floor route.

Although it doesn’t take in the grueling Mortirolo climb, the Medium Route also now incorporates a minor change: it will follow the Long Route for the first two kilometers from the Sernio junction. After the refreshment point (which has been moved from Tovo to Sernio), however, it rejoins its traditional route to Bormio and the Stelvio. The 60km Short Route is unchanged and still delivers a 2,000m elevation gain. All three Routes commence from the same start line at Bormio and end at the finish line at the top of the Stelvio Pass.

The final classifications are the same once again this year: the rankings, divided up by Route, are decided on the sum of each cyclist’s times for the individual climbs, with the top scorers in each category taking the Granfondo Stelvio 2022 Queen of the Mountain and King of the Mountain polka dot jerseys. There will be a further classification for the overall King and Queen of the Mountain for the individual climbs (Teglio, Mortirolo, and Stelvio).

The teams with the largest number of entrants and finishers will also receive prizes. As usual, there is no general classification, but the organizers will be publishing the total finish times of all of the finishers in alphabetic order.

Granfondo Stelvio Santini: Are you ready?
M. Özgür Nevres

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