The Last Kilometer, a cycling documentary

The Last Kilometer (L’Ultimo Chilometro) is a documentary film featuring Davide Rebellin and Ignazio Moser (son of legendary Italian cyclist Francesco Moser).

Gianni Mura (a famous italian journalist) and Didi Senft (Tour de France devil) are the other main characters in the movie.

The other characters are: Francesco Moser, Cadel Evans, Françoise, Gedeone Rebellin and Marco Milesi.

Here is the trailer of the movie:

From the movie’s home page:

The Last Kilometer is a film totally dedicated to what is passion, emotion, sport: Cycling.
The movie follows the story and an entire cycling season of “the old” Davide Rebellin,
41 years old and still fighting in the peloton after many victories and scandals, and “the
young” Ignazio Moser, promising 20 years old son of cycling champion Francesco Moser.
The famous italian journalist Gianni Mura, Tour de France correspondent since 1967, helps
us to discover what cycling was and what it has become today, after doping scandals,
passion, epic, richness and decadence.

Finally, a bit of madness and insane joy is brought into the movie by Didi Senft, better known as “El Diablo”, a living and metaphorical symbol of all cycling fans, with their passion and their enthusiasm.
The Last Kilometer is a portrait of cycling.

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