In the late January 2014, Hampsten cycles launched two new road bike models under the same name: “Maglia Rosa”. Andy Hampsten, the first and only American to win the Giro d’Italia (in 1988, including the title of “Gran Premio della Montagna“, the Giro equivalent of Tour de France’s “King of the Mountains”), is a fan of Italian lifestyle and culture, and you can see this in the bikes that he produced (also in the model names).

Normally, the Hampsten Cycles offer unique line of full-custom road bike frames and whole bikes, but the Maglia Rosa project is a slight departure from this norm. This project is more about non-custom, carbon and steel road bikes. These two models below, the “Superissimo” and the “Il Carbonario” are first out of the gate for project Maglia Rosa.

Maglia Rosa: Superissimo

Hampsten Cycles - Maglia Rosa Superissimo
Hampsten Cycles – Maglia Rosa Superissimo

Hampsten created this beauty using Columbus steel tubes. He also has employed the D-11 head tube of Dario Pegoretti, the Italian master framebuilder, and a Falz carbon fork.

To complement the Falz carbon fork, Dario Pegoretti has worked with Chris King to develop a new headset. This new headset is built to a new standard, called D11, which Dario developed to better suit his frames. Pegoretti has always been known for his fondness for wide diameter tubes: greater diameter equals greater stiffness and stiffness is one of the most desired elements in the type of race bikes Dario Pegoretti has made his specialty for the past few decade. Advances in metallurgy in the past few years have allowed for wider diameter tubes to be made without incurring a disproportionate weight penalty for the commensurate stiffness gain. Dario has seized on this and has steadily increased the diameters of his tubing as it has become available.

Other build details include a Paragon PF30 bottom bracket and two different paint options.

The US price of the Superissimo is $2850.

Maglia Rosa: Il Carbonario

Hampsten Cycles - Maglia Rosa: Il Carbonario
Hampsten Cycles – Maglia Rosa: Il Carbonario

Il Carbonario is made from Columbus Tubi’s Genius carbon.

The US price of the Il Carbonario is $2600.

For all the models, images and specifications check out Hampsten Bikes official website.

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