I have been using Sidi Hydro Gore-Tex Winter Road Boots for the last two winters. So this winter will be the third. I decided to write a review about them.

SIDI Hydro Gore-Tex Winter Road Boots Product description

From the wiggle.co.uk:

Weatherproof protection for committed year-round cyclists. When rain and snow won’t keep you off the roads, Sidi Hydro boots keep your feet warm and dry with a breathable Gore-Tex lining and extended coverage to seal out the elements.

  • Synthetic upper with Lorica Toe Inserts
  • The waterproof and breathable Gore-tex membrane lining
  • Millenium sole
  • Three Strap velcro closure
  • High cuff with wide velcro closure
  • Sidi Heel cup

The patented GORE-TEX® membrane contains over 9 billion microscopic pores which are approximately 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, but 700 times bigger than a molecule of moisture vapor. So while water in its liquid form cannot penetrate the GORE-TEX® membrane, as moisture vapor it can easily escape.

SIDI Hydro Gore-Tex Winter Road Boots
SIDI Hydro Gore-Tex Winter Road Boots

My Opinions

  • Some of the reviews on Amazon say the boots are lightweight, but I don’t think so. They feel bulky and uncomfortably heavy (but it’s normal since they are “boots”, not “shoes”).
  • The boots don’t feel too warm actually, especially if it’s below 5°C (41°F), so spare a space for extra, thick winter socks. I mean consider buying 1/2 size larger.
  • The boots are good in the rain, as SIDI claim.
  • I found ankle straps uncomfortable. If you buy these boots, wear them with long socks. Otherwise, the ankle straps may hurt, even cut your ankle.
  • The heel pads of the boots (like the other SIDI shoes) worn out quickly. You can consider buying a pair of extra SIDI replacement heel pads.
  • Price: £224.99 (€285.74/$373.48) A bit expensive. Normal summer shoes + shoe covers are still cheaper alternatives.





Keeps warm




Keeps dry




3.3 out of 5

SIDI Hydro Gore-Tex Winter Road Boots
SIDI Hydro Gore-Tex Winter Road Boots

Another review on the road.cc website

M. Özgür Nevres

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