The new 2013 Trek Madone series are coming with improvements to aerodynamics, weight, and stiffness. 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7-series are OCLV carbon, while 2 series are alloy. The top of the line model, Trek Madone 7.9, at 40kph in a 10° crosswind, claiming to save 25 watts over the prior model (distance not specified). In addition to the aerodynamic improvements, frame weight has dropped down to 750 grams (7-series) (from 915g to 750g, a 165g savings). Compared to the previous 7 series of Trek Madone, it cuts almost 200 grams from the frame and fork without diminishing ride quality or stiffness.

Trek Madone 6 and 7 series continue to be “Made in the United States”.

Madone series have completely redesigned to incorporate aerodynamic tube profiles borrowed from Trek’s Speed Concept time trial bikes.

The positioning of the rear brake is one of the key frame features that is included in the 5, 6 and 7 Series of Madone. Trek have moved it down to sit behind and below the bottom bracket, rather than attaching to a bridge between the seatstays. With that re-positioning, they reduced the aerodynamic drag. The new position of the rear brake also removes the braking forces from the seatstays, allowing Trek to use less material at the seatstays. This means a lighter frame. 6-Series frame, with a Shimano Dura-Ace groupset and Bontrager’s Aeolus 3 wheels in a 58cm model weighs 6.8kg (14.96lb) without pedals.

2013 Trek Madone 7.9
2013 Trek Madone 7.9
2013 Trek Madone no rear brake between seatstays
2013 Trek Madone seatstays (5, 6, 7 series): No rear brake between them.
2013 Trek Madone rear brake
The new position of 2013 Trek Madone rear brake (5, 6, 7 series): below the bottom bracket.

The Madone frames are now available in two fits: their performance-oriented H2 and a new super-pro H1. To get the rider in a fast but comfortable position, H2 uses a slightly taller headtube. But it is still allowing that “pro” look of a flat stem with minimal spacers. H2 will suit most riders. The new H1 fit has a slightly lower headtube and allows a bit more aerodynamic riding position.

To keep the frame a dropped chain, Madone comes up with Trek’s 3S integrated chain keeper which mounts directly to its frame via a threaded hole just north of the bottom bracket.

2013 Trek Madone chain keeper
2013 Trek Madone chain keeper

Trek Madone Series Comparison Table

7.9Shimano Dura-Ace Di211,549.99
7.9 WSDShimano Dura-Ace Di2Lady version11,549.99
7.7Shimano Dura-Ace 7,979.99
6.5Shimano Ultegra Di26,619.99
6.2 WSDShimano UltegraLady version4,619.99
6.2Shimano Ultegra4,619.99
5.9Shimano Ultegra Di25,039.99
5.2 WSDShimano UltegraLady version 3,569.99
5.2Shimano Ultegra3,569.99
4.7Shimano Ultegra Mix*3,149.99
4.5 WSDShimano Ultegra Mix*Lady version
4.5Shimano Ultegra Mix*
3.1 WSDShimano 105Lady version
3.1Shimano 105 2,039.99
2.3Shimano 105 Mix*
2.1Shimano 105 Mix*

*Mix means some parts are the highest level of the mentioned Shimano series, some parts are below.

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