Vuelta a España 2013 stage 3 is a flat stage between Vigo and Mirador de Lobeira. The length of the course is 184.8 km. The stage is listed as plain, but it ends with a short but steep uphill, so it’s suitable for the puncheurs.

Vuelta a España 2013 Stage 3 quick info

  • DATE August 26, Monday
  • STAGE TYPE Plain
  • START-FINISH Vigo (100 m) > Mirador de Loberia (250 m)
  • STAGE DISTANCE 184.8 km
Vuelta a España 2013 Stage 3 fly-through
Global Cycling Network’s (GCN) preview of Stage 3 of the 2013 Vuelta A España gives a detailed fly-through of the 184.8km route from Vigo to Mirador De Lobeira on 26 August.

Vuelta a España 2013 Stage 3 Profile

Vuelta a España 2013 stage 3 profile
Vuelta a España 2013 stage 3 profile

Last kilometers

Vuelta a España 2013 stage 3 last kms
Vuelta a España 2013 stage 3 last kms

Stage map

Vuelta a España 2013 stage 3 map
Vuelta a España 2013 stage 3 map

Start: Vigo

Vigo, Galicia, Spain
Vuelta a España 2013 stage 3 will start in Vigo, Galicia, Spain

Vigo is a city and municipality situated in north-west Spain, in the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia, and on the ria, or bay, of the same name, on the Atlantic Ocean. With 297,124 inhabitants, Vigo is the most populous city in Galicia and the 14th in Spain.

Main sights of Vigo

Vigo has few remarkable old buildings but is home to a collegiate church and a few museums, most of which was inaugurated between the late 1990s and early 2000s. Among them, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO) and the Museum of the Sea. The oldest museum is the Quiñones de León Municipal Museum. The most important historical center of the region is located in its capital and rival city, Pontevedra.

  • Samil Beach and Toralla island
  • Casco Vello (historic centre)
  • Porta do Sol, Policarpo Sanz and Alameda area (modern centre)
  • Príncipe and Urzaiz Streets (commercial area)
  • Celtic Castro ruins
  • Castro fortress
  • Collegiate church of Santa Maria de Vigo


  • Naturnova Museum: Museum dedicated to the environment. Interactive contents.
  • Museum of the Sea: Museum dedicated to the Sea, and to tinned food and to naval. Important building designed by famous architects Aldo Rossi and Cesar Portela.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Vigo: One of the most important museums of Contemporary Art in Spain.
  • Museum of Castrelos.
  • Verbum, Casa das Palabras. A museum dedicated to languages and communication. Important building designed by famous architect Cesar Portela.
  • Pinacoteca de Vigo
  • Galician Center of Photography
  • Ethnographic Museum Liste
  • Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation

Romanesque architecture of Vigo

The municipality of Vigo is not only one of the major industrial cities in Galicia, but it is also one of the more important Roman centers of Pontevedra. Although within the city one will not find much Romanesque architecture, it can be seen a few kilometers away from the city center.

In many of the municipality’s neighborhoods and parishes, a large number of Roman ruins remain. Such is the importance of the Roman remains in Vigo that many Spanish authors have come to coin the term Romanesque Vigo (románico vigués in Spanish). Vigo retains some interesting examples of Romanesque churches in southern Galicia:

  • Santa María de Castrelos
  • Santiago de Bembrive
  • San Salvador de Coruxo


  • Samil beach
  • Carril beach
  • Canido beach
  • Vao beach

Finish: Mirador de Lobeira

Mirador de Loberia
Vuelta a España 2013 stage 3 finish will be atop Mirador de Loberia (Photo:
View from Mirador de Loberia
View from Mirador de Loberia (Photo:

The Monte Lobeira is a mountain in the town of Villanueva de Arosa Pontevedra.

The mountain only measures 289 meters in height, although being the altitude coastal area is seen at 100%.

This mountain is most famous for the impressive viewpoint there on top of the top. The summit can be accessed by logging roads, to the foot of the gazebo, then you have to climb a few meters high, through stairs.


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