Scheduled to take place between July 5 and 9 2022, the first edition of All Around eMTB race will see e-bikers tackle the Valle d’Aosta’s new single trails, setting up camp at Cogne, Gressoney, Antey, and Valpelline in-between stages. The All Around Camp will move to each new stage and provide a very special and atmospheric venue for each day’s prize-giving.

Take one of Italy’s most spectacular mountain regions, add in the outdoor discipline of the moment and then put out a call for 200 people looking for a unique experience – that’s the recipe for success behind the All Around eMTB, a race in stages for electric mountain bike owners taking place in Valle d’Aosta between July 5th and 9th next.

This innovative new competition is branded for the growing e-mtb movement as an opportunity to discover the stunning Valle d’Aosta on a circular anticlockwise itinerary. The All Around eMTB is spread over four stages totaling 200 kilometers with an 8,000m elevation gain. It will start and finish at Cogne in the shadow of the Gran Paradiso mountain. Riders who don’t want to tackle a four-day race can opt for a shorter version spanning just the final two stages – 100 kilometers with a 4,000 meters elevation gain.

All Around eMTB – Trailer

“As a result of our logistical experience in the big African raids, we starting thinking about an event that would offer the e-biker community an opportunity to spend a few days together as a tribe, enjoying a sense of competition, nature, and great sociability”, commented Luca Santini of All Around eMTB. “Based on that premise, we realized that Valle d’Aosta was the perfect place to host the first edition of our competition: it’s an area with new trails that will see the competitors climb at least one hill of 2,700 meters each day”.

All Around eMTB 2022: The “Discover Valle D’aosta” Route

The All Around eMTB 2022 has a mixed format: timed routes will alternate with transfer sections with limited times.

  1. The competition starts from Cogne with a race to the finish-line of the first stage involving conquering Forte di Bard. This will be followed by a mechanised transfer to Gressoney la Trinitè.
  2. After spending the night at the foot of Monte Rosa, the competitors will launch into the second stage through Val d’Ayas to the finishline at Antey Sant’Andrè with views of the Matterhorn.
  3. The next day they will begin the third stage which is also the toughest and wildest, taking them through Valle di Saint Barthèlemy and ending in Valpelline.
  4. The fourth and final stage takes the competitors through the historic town centre of Aosta before they take a cable car to Pila. There, a specially designed trial in the Pila Bike Park awaits. Once they have finished their time trial, they then embark on an adrenaline-fuelled downhill dash to the final finishline of the competition at Cogne.
All Around eMTB race 2022 route
All Around eMTB race 2022 route. A voyage of discovery of Valle d’Aosta: 200 km in 4 stages.

Meticulous Organization

The participants will be flanked by very detailed logistics throughout the race. There will be a break at the midpoint of each stage to help them refocus and, most importantly of all, recharge their bikes’ batteries: “But that’s not all: on the safety front, we will be giving each competitor a satellite call system that they can activate if they need help”, continued Luca Santini. “Although a tough race on a technical level, the All Around eMTB will also provide plenty of fun and satisfaction for all bikers with good downhill skills”.

Nonetheless, socializing will be a huge emphasis during the event: around mid-afternoon each day, participants will be welcomed into a large Tuareg tent-inspired structure where they can chill out, enjoy a cold beer (well, it will be July!), and generally kickback to a DJ set before the prize-giving for the stage begins. “We are even more interested in offering a fun event than simple competitiveness, and we are certain that the e-Mtb bikers will really enjoy that” concluded Santini.

Entries to All Around eMTB, which takes place between July 5 and 9 2022, open in February with e-bikers from all over Europe expected to take part.

All Around eMTB race
Scheduled to take place between July 5 and 9 2022, the first edition of the All Around eMTB race will see e-bikers tackle the Valle d’Aosta’s new single trails. © All Around eMtb – Alex Luise

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