Greg LeMond unveiled the LeMond 8 concept road bike. It’s US-made, and the producer claims it represents the biggest development in carbon fiber frames in 30 years! The new bicycle’s name is a reference to Greg Lemond’s 1989 Tour de France victory, when he won the race by just 8 seconds, the closest winning margin in history.

Back in the summer of 2020, Greg LeMond and LeMond Cycles have announced that they were returning to the performance road bike production business. But, nothing came out, until March 2022. Now, the LeMond 8 Concept has been revealed, and they claim the new bike is the “most transformative change to carbon fiber in 30 years.”

LeMond 8 Concept
LeMond 8 Concept: It’s US-made, and the producer claims it represents the biggest development in carbon fiber frames in 30 years!

New LeMond 8 Concept: No metal parts!

introduction of aerodynamic “triathlon” handlebars and carbon fiber bicycle frames. Many boasts of being a pioneer in carbon frames, but one thing is clear: the first to win the Carbon Frame Tour was Greg LeMond back in 1986 – and the second-finisher in that Tour de France was his teammate Bernard Hinault, who rode the same LOOK model KG 86.

Now, the new Lemond 8 concept road bike is made using a composite sandwich method, where the carbon fiber frame members are filled with an ultralight expanding foam called MatrixCore, which LeMond says it has co-developed with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States.

The frame contains no metal parts, from the core structure to each threaded water bottle and the brake boss is carbon fiber. It is not only lighter but making these parts out of carbon also prevents any possible galvanic oxidation of the aluminum parts, making them prone to failure.

A solution to creaky bottom brackets

To address the long-standing issue of creaky, ill-fitting press-fit bottom brackets, LeMond has gone the T47 route with an innovative twist. The LeMond 8 features a unique BB shell created with a carbon fiber lattice construction technique that locks in place the carbon fiber threaded sleeves. This ultra-strong web-like cylinder is co-cured into the frame for a unibody construction with immense lateral stiffness. All the benefits of a threaded BB without the weight penalty.

LeMond 8 Concept
LeMond 8 Concept. The frame of the new concept road bike contains no metal parts.

Modern tire clearance

The new LeMond 8 concept road bike has a modern (wide) tire clearance which enables 32mm tires. So, you can install wide tires on this bike and ride on the cobbles.

Direct Mount Carbon Derailleur Hanger

The LeMond 8 concept comes with a replaceable direct mount carbon fiber derailleur hanger. Direct mount is simpler (replacing a superfluous link), stiffer (for crisper shifting), and makes rear wheel changes faster and easier.

Specially developed wheels

In partnership with Munich Composites, the German manufacturer of composite components (see notes 1), the wheels of LeMond 8 have been developed specifically for this new bike. The rims are 47mm deep and tubeless compatible. The internal rim width is not revealed yet. Tune hubs are used as well as Sapim spokes.

LeMond 8 Concept Specifications

  • Frameset: LeMond 8 carbon fiber MatrixCore frame and fork
  • Cockpit: LeMond aero monocoque bar/stem
  • Groupset: Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 Di2 Disc
  • Bottom Bracket: T47 Threaded w/ LeMond Exoskeleton CF shell
  • Wheels: LeMond LC 47 Tubeless w/ Vittoria Corsa tires (25/28/30mm)
  • Price: £11,400 / €13,900 / $12,500

The weight of the new bicycle is still not revealed.

Despite the previous claim by Greg LeMond that the new LeMond bikes would be cheaper, these prices are at the higher end of the performance road-bikes market.

Eight seconds: Greg Lemond, 1989 Tour de France (cropped)
Greg LeMond is flying to the victory, Tour de France 1989, stage 21. At the end of this last Time Trial stage in the Champs-Élysées, he won the race by just 8 seconds, the closest winning margin to date. the new LeMond 8 road bike’s name is a reference to this.


  1. Munich Composites was founded in 2011 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich. It is now the technology leader in various automated processes for manufacturing composite components. The company is specialized in the development and manufacture of complex hollow components. The range of services extends from development and the production of prototypes to the series production of CFRP components.


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