Slaying the Badger

I finished reading “Maglia Rosa – Triumph and Tragedy at the Giro d’Italia” by Herbie Sykes. Now it’s Tour de France time, and I started to reading “Slaying the Badger” by Richard Moore.

Kartepe (Keltepe) climb

Yesterday, we climbed to Kartepe (means “snow mountain”), or formerly known as “Keltepe” (means “bald mountain”). With 1699 meters height, Kartepe is the third highest mountain of the Marmara region of Turkey. There’s a ski resort atop it. With 16.6 km length and 7.4% average gradient, the climb is categorized as HC by strava, and some sections are over 16%. […]

Maglia Rosa – Triumph and Tragedy at Giro d’Italia, by Herbie Sykes

I finished reading “Put me back on my bike” by William Fotheringham, and now started a new book: “Maglia Rosa – Triumph and Tragedy at Giro d’Italia”, by Herbie Sykes.

Road Cycling in Istanbul

More than a year ago, I wrote another article also titled “Road cycling in Istanbul” for the site Some good people reached me using the contact info in the article. Some others asked me some questions about cycling in Istanbul and I tried to guide them. So I decided to write another article, and […]

Marinoni broke the Hour Record for 74-79 age group

Giuseppe Marinoni, the famous Italian frame builder, broke the hour record for 74-79 age group on October 20. Marinoni broke the record in Brescia, Italy. Marinoni covered 35.728 km in one hour.