Early 20th journalists started creating nicknames for the cyclists. This effort popularized the cycling sport and make the racers interesting to the people who were not interested in cycling much. This tradition is still continuing today. Here is the list of cyclists’ nicknames in alphabetical order (by surname, starting with R):

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Michael Rasmussen

Kyllingen fra Tølløse (The Chicken from Tølløse)

Nicknames of cyclists: Michael Rasmussen, Tour de France 2006
Nicknames of cyclists: Michael Rasmussen, Kyllingen fra Tølløse (The Chicken from Tølløse), in the King of the Mountains (KOM) jersey. Tour de France 2006. Photo by colinedwards99Flickr, CC BY 2.0, Link

Michael Rasmussen (born 1 June 1974 in Tølløse, Denmark) is a retired Danish professional cyclist. He won 4 stages at the Tour de France (2005-2007) and won the King of the Mountains (KOM) polka-dot jersey twice (2005, 2006). He also won a stage at the Vuelta a España in 2003. He was considered one of the best climbers of his generation.

In the 2007 Tour de France, Rasmussen while wearing the yellow jersey and well on his way to winning the Tour (he was leading Alberto Contador by a 3:10), had his contract terminated by his team and was removed from the Tour.

Davide Cassani, an Italian retired professional rider, reported that he had seen Rasmussen in Italy in June 2007, a time when Rasmussen claimed to have been training in Mexico. So, he was withdrawn from the race and fired by his team Rabobank for “violating internal rules”.

Michael Rasmussen’s nickname, Kyllingen fra Tølløse (The Chicken from Tølløse) originates from his period as a mountain biker, when a couple of teammates were watching the Danish children’s TV show Bamses Billedbog, about a bear and a chicken. One of his teammates was nicknamed Bear, and so Rasmussen was dubbed Chicken.

Riccardo RiccòThe Pharmacist,
The Cobra
Italy01 Sep 1983
Bjarne RiisThe Eagle of HerningDenmark03 Apr 1964
Jean RobicOld Leatherhead,
France10 Jun 1921
06 Oct 1980
Joaquim Rodríguez *El PuritoSpain12 May 1979
Tony RomingerThe Mouse,
The Hammer,
The Camel
Switzerland27 Mar 1961
José Rujano *Coffee ManVenezuela18 Feb 1982

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