Tips & Expert Advice from the pros of the Boels-Dolmans Women’s Cycling Team

Usually it is hard to find good training and nutrition tips for avid cyclists, and women-specific information in this area is even rarer. But now, you can get tips and expert advice from the pros for free, and it is coming from the UCI Worlds 2015 Elite Women Team Time Trial silver medalists: Women’s cycling […]

How to Sprint – tips, and tricks

Winning races usually requires sprinting ability. If you’re racing a bike, as an amateur or professional, becoming a better sprinter can be the difference between 1st place or the 20th. So it’s crucial to learn how to sprint. You can say “I am not a racer, why to work on my sprint?” Because sprinting is […]

Top 10 tips to climb better and faster

Top 10 tips to climb better and faster: Climbing is not fun, for most of the cyclists. It is slow, painful and sometimes you feel beaten up, especially you’re out of form and overweight. To make things worse, climbing ability is the key to win most of the races. But you can climb better following […]