The Last Kilometer, a cycling documentary

The Last Kilometer (L’Ultimo Chilometro) is a documentary film featuring Davide Rebellin and Ignazio Moser (son of legendary Italian cyclist Francesco Moser).

Gianni Mura (a famous Italian journalist) and Didi Senft (Tour de France devil) are the other main characters in the movie.

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Missing the Tour de France Start

Pedro Delgado, the defending champion, missed his start time with 2:40 at the prologue at the start of the 1989 Tour de France. Delgado covered the distance only 14 seconds slower than Erik Breukink, the stage winner. But adding the 2 minutes and 40 seconds at his time, he became the only defending champion to begin the race in last place, 2:54 behind Breukink.
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Specialized Roubaix 2013

Specialized Roubaix, named after Paris-Roubaix, “the queen of the classics”, the famous classic race over the cobbles, the bike was designed to soak up the worst of the bumps through its innovative Zerts inserts.

The Zerts are essentially a damper placed in the rear stays and the forks that absorb road vibration. Specialized Roubaix is specifically designed for the cobbled classics in Europe and is good for bad road surfaces, cobbled roads, and long-distance endurance rides (i.e. century rides).

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Eugène Christophe and the first yellow jersey (Tour de France 1919)

In 1919, Frenchman Eugène Christophe became the first rider to wear the race leader’s yellow jersey of the Tour de France.
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Fausto Coppi, as a football player

The rivalry between two Italian cycling legend, Fausto Coppi (“Il Campionissimo-champion of champions) and Gino Bartali was not limited to cycling. Football was the second popular sport after cycling, in post-war Italy.
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