Tour de France Winner Groupsets, Year by Year

Tour de France is the world’s most popular and prestigious bicycle race. Wining “the Tour” is a great victory for cyclists, as well as groupset producers. Here are the Tour de France Winner Groupsets, since 1937, year by year:

The derailleur system was introduced to the Tour de France in 1937, allowing riders to change gears without having to remove wheels. Previously, riders would have to dismount in order to change their wheel from downhill to uphill mode. Derailleurs did not become common road racing equipment until 1938 when Simplex introduced a cable-shifted derailleur.

1937 Super Champion Roger Lapébie (France)
1938 Vittoria Margherita Gino Bartali (Italy)
1939 Super Champion (2) Sylvère Maes (Belgium) (2)
1940 NO RACE[1]
1941 NO RACE
1942 NO RACE
1943 NO RACE
1944 NO RACE
1945 NO RACE
1946 Campagnolo[2] Apo Lazarides (France)[2]
1947 Simplex Jean Robic (France)
1948 Campagnolo (2) Gino Bartali (Italy) (2)
1949 Simplex (2) Fausto Coppi (Italy)
1950 Simplex (3) Ferdinand Kübler (Switzerland)
1951 Campagnolo (3) Hugo Koblet (Switzerland)
1952 Campagnolo (4) Fausto Coppi (Italy) (2)
1953 Huret Louison Bobet (France)
1954 Huret (2) Louison Bobet (France) (2)
1955 Huret (3) Louison Bobet (France) (3)
1956 Campagnolo (5) Roger Walkowiak (France)
1957 Simplex (4) Jacques Anquetil (France)
1958 Campagnolo (6) Charly Gaul (Luxembourg)
1959 Campagnolo (7) Federico Bahamontes (Spain)
1960 Campagnolo (8) Gastone Nencini (Italy)
1961 Simplex (5) Jacques Anquetil (France) (2)
1962 Simplex (6) Jacques Anquetil (France) (3)
1963 Campagnolo (9) Jacques Anquetil (France) (4)
1964 Campagnolo (10) Jacques Anquetil (France) (5)
1965 Campagnolo (11) Felice Gimondi (Italy)
1966 Campagnolo (12) Lucien Aimar (France)
1967 Simplex (7) Roger Pingeon (France)
1968 Campagnolo (13) Jan Janssen (Netherlands)
1969 Campagnolo (14) Eddy Merckx (Belgium)
1970 Campagnolo (15) Eddy Merckx (Belgium) (2)
1971 Campagnolo (16) Eddy Merckx (Belgium) (3)
1972 Campagnolo (17) Eddy Merckx (Belgium) (4)
1973 Campagnolo (18) Luis Ocaña (Spain)
1974 Campagnolo (19) Eddy Merckx (Belgium) (5)
1975 Simplex (8) Bernard Thévenet (France)
1976 Campagnolo (20) Lucien Van Impe (Belgium)
1977 Simplex (9) Bernard Thévenet (France) (2)
1978 Campagnolo (21) Bernard Hinault (France)
1979 Campagnolo (22) Bernard Hinault (France) (2)
1980 Campagnolo (23) Joop Zoetemelk (Netherlands)
1981 Campagnolo (24) Bernard Hinault (France) (3)
1982 Campagnolo (25) Bernard Hinault (France) (4)
1983 Simplex (10) Laurent Fignon (France)
1984 Campagnolo (26) Laurent Fignon (France) (2)
1985 Campagnolo (27) Bernard Hinault (France) (5)
1986 Campagnolo (28) Greg LeMond (USA)
1987 Campagnolo (29) Stephen Roche (Ireland)
1988 Campagnolo (30) Pedro Delgado (Spain)
1989 Mavic Greg LeMond (USA) (2)
1990 Campagnolo (31) Greg LeMond (USA) (3)
1991 Campagnolo (32) Miguel Indurain (Spain)
1992 Campagnolo (33) Miguel Indurain (Spain) (2)
1993 Campagnolo (34) Miguel Indurain (Spain) (3)
1994 Campagnolo (35) Miguel Indurain (Spain) (4)
1995 Campagnolo (36) Miguel Indurain (Spain) (5)
1996 Campagnolo (37) Bjarne Riis (Denmark)
1997 Campagnolo (38) Jan Ullrich (Germany)
1998 Campagnolo (39) Marco Pantani (Italy)
1999 NO WINNER[3]
2006 Campagnolo (40) Óscar Pereiro (Spain)
2007 Shimano Alberto Contador (Spain)
2008 Shimano (2) Carlos Sastre (Spain)
2009 SRAM Alberto Contador (Spain) (2)
2010 SRAM (2) Andy Schleck (Luxembourg)
2011 Shimano (3) Cadel Evans (Australia)
2012 Shimano (4) Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain)
2013 Shimano (5) Chris Froome (Great Britain)


40 Campagnolo[4] Italy Campagnolo logo
10 Simplex France Simplex logo
5 Shimano[5] Japan Shimano logo
3 Huret France Huret logo
2 Super Champion France Super Champion logo
1 Mavic France Mavic logo
1 Vittoria Margherita Italy Vittoria Margherita logo


[1] Second World War
[2] The Course du Tour de France (English: Race of the Tour of France), also known as Monaco–Paris was organised in 1946 by Le Parisien Libéré together with l’Equipe. The race had many things familiar to the old Tours de France: there were six national teams and five regional French teams, and the leader in the race was also given a yellow jersey. The race was won by French cyclist Apo Lazarides.
[3] Lance Armstrong years
[4] If we exclude 1946 “Monaco–Paris”, Campagnolo has 39 Tour de France victories.
[5] Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France victories. He was using Shimano groupset.

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