Tony Martin wins UCI Road World Championships 2012 Elite Men Time Trial

Tony Martin of Germany won the UCI Elite Men Time Trial race and retained his title. Taylor Phinney of Unites States finished in second, only 5 seconds behind Martin, while Vasil Kiryienka of Belarus finished in third, at 1 minute and 45 seconds.

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Top 10 tips to climb better and faster

Top 10 tips to climb better and faster: Climbing is not fun, for most of the cyclists. It is slow, painful and sometimes you feel beaten up, especially you’re out of form and overweight. To make things worse, climbing ability is the key to win most of the races. But you can climb better following these tips.

The tips below do not have magical effects. You cannot be a better climber from today to tomorrow. And if you want to climb faster and better, you must be ready to suffer, especially in the beginning. It is impossible to write a guide like “5 minutes a day, and you’ll climb better. You won’t even sweat.” The real world doesn’t work like that.

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35 Best Cycling Quotes

Cycling is perhaps the most inspiring sport in the world. It’s not only inspiring, but also brutal, punishing, filled with pain and suffering, yet still beautiful. It inspired many writers and poets. Here are the best cycling quotes below (ordered by owners’ surname):

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Alex Zanardi won a second hand-cycling gold of Paralympics

Alex Zanardi won a second hand-cycling gold of Paralympics. The ex-Formula 1 and CART driver, who lost both legs following a horrific crash in 2001, won the road race with a sprint finish ahead of South Africa’s Ernst van Dyk and the Belgian Wim Decleir.

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Tyler Hamilton’s book “The Secret Race” has been published

Tyler Hamilton was a teammate of banned cyclist Lance Armstrong during 1999, 2000, and 2001 Tour de France where Armstrong won the Yellow jersey. According to the forthcoming book of Hamilton, “The Secret Race”, Armstrong built an elaborate doping program within his Tour de France teams and hid his corruption from the adoring public through intimidation, lies, and sabotage.

Hamilton says: “If you were careful and paid attention, you could dope and be 99% certain that you would not get caught. They’ve got their doctors, and we’ve got ours, and ours are better. Better paid, for sure.”

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Alex Zanardi won the gold medal at London Paralympics

Alex Zanardi showed one of the most inspiring performances of the London 2012 summer as he won H4 hand-cycle class individual time trial gold medal and the hearts of millions.

In the H4 hand-cycle class at Brands Hatch, where he once raced as a Formula 1 driver, the 45-year-old Italian’s time of 24min 50.22sec over the 16km course was good enough to clinch victory. Norbert Mosandl of Germany finished in second, 27 seconds behind, and United States rider Oscar Sanchez, finished in third, 45 seconds back.

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Nicknames of Cyclists – A

Early 20th journalists started creating nicknames for the cyclists. This effort popularized the cycling sport and make the racers interesting to the people who were not interested in cycling much. This tradition is still continuing today. Here the list of cyclists’ nicknames in alphabetical order (by surname, starting with A).
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